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Ultraweave waterproof flooring is a luxurious flooring designed for use in applications such as Marine, anti-slip mats, hot tub and pool surrounds, docks, doormats, truck liners, entryways and much more. Ultraweave is engineered to provide superior durability and low maintenance. Our product was developed to be resistant to stains and fading and will not mold or mildew.

Ultraweave requires no adhesives and is upscale, luxurious and low maintenance.

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Exclusive Distributor Servicing the Thompson Okanagan and the Kootenay Region​

Ultraweave flooring is custom fit for any and all applications.​

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Custom Entrance Mats and Event Flooring

Ideal gifts for your real estate clients etc. We can custom make a mat specific and exclusively yours.


Custom fit to any and all marine applications.

Hot Tub & Pool Deck Surrounds

The anti-skid flooring will help protect you and your guests from slips and falls.


An effective product for many applications in the Hospitality Industry.

Recreational Vehicles

Anything your creative mind can come up with.

Truck Liners

Custom Fit to any truck or SUV.

Pleasure Crafts

Coming Soon

House Boats

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What our clients have to say


I am so thrilled with our new custom entrance I have already referred others to Aquatech!!! Beautiful job!!! Everyone loves it!!!

– Kathy D.


Aquatech designed and produced a beautiful Welcome mat for our clients. We appreciate the exclusivity of this gift and we love this design they created!!!!

– Dean K.


I highly recommend this company. Very professional service and quality product. Shelley guides you with her knowledge and is a total pleasure to work with. Best investment to make, hands down!

– Gwen C.


I’m sold on the flooring. You don’t need to deal with mildew on the deck 1st thing in the morning, no fading, no staining, plush on your feet, looks great. Way better than carpet!​

– Ben M.

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Luxury to me is not about buying expensive things, it’s about living in a way where you appreciate things.

Oscar de la Renta

Custom Entrance and Event Mats

Ultravweave is an ideal solution to Entry mats for commercial or residential applications.Our
versatile logo mats are effective for both indoor and outdoor use. They are luxurious looking
for an upscale affect, and durable in a variety of colours. Your custom logo or welcome
message are lazer cut with precision. This product is UV resistant and won’t fade or stain
and is very low maintenance. No more costly off site cleaning required. Simply hose it off.
Lightweight and a fast easy cost effective clean!!!! Ultraweave is designed for water and
debris to fall through the engineered design and is not damaged by salt or ice melting agents
in the winter. The perfect solution for any entranceway. Our custom mats are also ideal for
event flooring as any size can be accommodated. We offer show floor branding for any

Marine Flooring

Ultraweave waterproof flooring is ideal for the Marine industry. It offers boat lovers a deck covering that is durable, looks and feels luxurious, and is very easy to maintain. This flooring does not require any adhesives so you can simply hose it off for cleaning!

Marine Uses:

Hot Tub Surround & Pool Decking

This innovative product is engineered to be waterproof and will not harvest bacteria the same way conventional carpet or wood does. It is made from PVC which does not absorb water and dries quickly. The anti-skid flooring will help protect you and your guests from slipping or falling.

PVC flooring is highly recommended as a great example of slip-resistant material. Our product allows water to drain right through the surface so water never pools up on top. This luxurious looking product is an upgrade to any hot tub area, outdoor shower or swimming pool deck. We also offer personal customization logo’s and designs. We can help with your design as well!!!! Custom installed by our highly trained staff.

Hot Tub Surround & Pool Decking

Ultraweave Flooring is an effective product for many applications in the Hospitality Industry. Not only can the flooring be customized, but it can also enhance customer and staff safety with its engineered non-slip/skid backing and anti-fatigue properties. Perfect for entryways,
vestibules, hallways and waiting areas, inside and out! Welcome your patrons with a custom logo or message!!!

The open weave and durability of Ultraweave allows for effective water and spill drainage
and is lightweight and easy to clean. No more costly weekly cleaning services to replace
your mats!!!!

Recreational Vehicles

The best flooring for Recreational Vehicles, as most experts agree, is vinyl. Ultraweave is
PVC Vinyl flooring that is waterproof and durable. It is lightweight,is anti-slip and extremely
easy to clean. We custom fit to the specifications required and you just simply lift it out and
hose off for cleaning. Ultraweave can also be vacuumed. It looks and feels luxurious and
adds a high end element to your RV unlike most standard flooring alternatives.

Ultraweave is versatile and can be customized with logos, messages or names. Anything your creative
mind can come up with.

Truck Liners

Innovative new product with a unique lux look for your vehicle. Protects truck bed from dings and scratches and is UV resistant and won’t fade. We template to custom fit precisely to your truck bed or SUV and our installers are fully trained. Our liner softens impact and is noise reducing. Prevents paint scuffs and helps maintain the value of your vehicle.

Aquatech Luxury Flooring

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